Safety Induction Process

You Are Our Greatest Asset

At QPSG, we regard our employees as our most important assets which is why we are committed to ensuring all new employees complete an induction as part of the onboarding process. Our onboarding and induction process is critical to the success of how we introduce, inform and educate our employees on all aspects of employment with our company such as; Policies and Procedures, Workplace Health and Safety Obligations, Performance and Behaviour Expectations and Key Contact Details.

Client Specific Inductions

Prior to the placement of an on-hire employee with a host client, QPSG would consult with the client about the workplace and the requirements for on site-specific induction. Our on-hire employers will undertake the host employer’s induction program which may vary depending on the company, in some cases QPSG on-hire employees will not be allowed onto a host client premises unless they have undergone their site-specific induction. 

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